Saturday, 31 December 2011


I do not define myself by the films I like, the music I listen to or the clothes that I wear. Anyone who does define themselves this way is little more than a slave to Popular Culture.

I define myself by the thoughts I have, the things I say and the ideologies that are important to me. And that's how I judge others.

Just felt like writing that. Have a good Evening, Comrades.

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  1. Indeed, it's a thinkers victory!

    Fashions, trends etc are adherance to a popular accepted belief, formulated by "consent" whether conscious or not [probably not] by a consolodated corporate few for each sector that control public opinion and make hefty pocket change in the process.

    I feel it's also wise, to negate to fall into the snare of the anti-think. The rebel from the prescribed norm, the right to left shift of paradigm which leads you right back to square one.

    Preaching to the converted I know, but just thought I'd echo your singing sheet.

    P.S. I checked my spelling of "paradigm" to avoid a bollocking... Uh uh, spelling mistakes will not be tolerated!